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Rob began investigating crashes for secondary safety research over 27 years ago and over this time has been involved in the in-depth investigation of thousands of road crashes.  Considerable experience and knowledge have been gained in understanding the biomechanics of Crash Injury and the dynamics of collision mechanics. He has created and updated the methodology for systematic data collection for crash research and has trained investigators throughout the UK and Europe.  


 Crash Investigation

 Collision Reconstruction

 Vehicle Occupant Kinematics

 Forensic Biomechanics

 Seatbelt Witness Marks

 Speed from Vehicle Damage

 Expert Opinion for Litigation

Research Data Collection


Forensic evidence and correlation

Systematic examination of a vehicle interior can reveal much about what occurred during the final few milliseconds of a collision.

Seatbelt Use

Seatbelts are now an integral part of the vehicle’s safety system and systematic research has demonstrated what happens when car occupants have collisions with and without wearing them.

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Rob Newton is happy quote for suitable research and expert witness cases, please email or use the form on the contact page.

Rob CV

Rob has collected the technical data and written many reports for expert witness cases and has appeared in court to give testimony in cases that range from seat belt use contention to murder.