With over 23 years practical experience of investigating vehicle crashes for research and litigation Rob Newton has studied all aspects of road traffic collisions. Scene evaluation, vehicle movement, crashworthiness, crush dynamics, severity assessment, secondary safety performance, intrusion measurement, occupant vehicle interaction, crash trauma, seatbelt examination, occupant injury assessment. Rob Newton Associates are available for instruction of all types of accidents; Road Traffic Collisions, Personal Injury Cases and Health & Safety Investigations.



Collision reconstruction is the scientific process of investigating, analysing, and drawing conclusions about the causes and events during a vehicle collision. Rob Newton Associates are employed to conduct in-depth collision analysis and reconstruction to identify the collision causation and contributing factors in different types of collisions, including the role of the driver(s), vehicle(s), roadway and the environment. The laws of physics and engineering principles such as the conservation of linear momentum and kinematics are the basis for these analysis and may make use of software to calculate useful quantities.


The cooperative crash injury study (CCIS), sponsored by both government and industry, collected data for over 25 years on occupant injury which was correlated to the respective damage sustained by the vehicles involved.

Rob managed CCIS and successfully lead the study in Loughborough. With an in-depth knowledge of the causes of injury from various impact scenarios it is possible to interpolate likely injury outcomes from the type and severity of an impact.


Systematic examination of a vehicle interior can reveal much about what occurred during the final few milliseconds of a crash. With in-depth knowledge of what happens in most common instances it enables the investigator to focus their attention on the most probable and be able to predict injury outcomes. Thorough assessment of vehicle to occupant interaction will enable assessment of seatbelt use, probable seat position for occupants and much more.



Much of the research and expert consultancy has utilised Rob’s experience in the investigation of secondary safety features such as seatbelts and airbags.  Seatbelts are now an integral part of the vehicle’s safety system and systematic research has demonstrated what happens when car occupants have collisions with and without wearing them.  In the majority of cases it can be determined if an occupant was wearing their seat belt correctly or not.  It can also be accurately predicted, for a given collision scenario, the expected injury pattern for belted and unbelted passengers.


The conservation of energy and basic physics’ principles allow mathematical algorithms to transfer crush damage into an amount of energy absorbed in an impact. This can be presented as an energy equivalent change in velocity or speed.

The practical application of AiDamage software from theoretical principles requires a thorough understanding of the mathematics involved. It is possible to calculate a closing speed from the vehicles damage given a thorough understanding of the limitations of the theory and a sound knowledge of real world collision damage.


Rob Newton Associates are available to give expert opinion on all aspects of collision and personal injury cases with specialisation in vehicle occupant kinematics, forensic biomechanics and seatbelt witness marks. Desktop reports can be undertaken as well as full in-depth investigations of scenes, vehicles and casualties. We are available to act

on behalf of individual clients or as a Single Joint experts. Rob Newton Associates are aware of the requirements of part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Direction 35 of the Protocol for the Instruction of Experts.


Since 1988 Rob Newton has been collecting data for research projects for industry, government and the European Commission. Data to be analysed for safety critical design or strategic policy needs  to be accurate, consistent and systematic in it’s coding and methodology. To collect relevant research data it requires a great understanding of the underlying issues behind the research and the technical knowledge of the subject area.

We are able to make proposals to collect a variety of research data, please press more to read about historic data collection projects.


Effect training has to be grounded in thorough scientific research, be targeted at the correct level for the participants, be interesting and enjoyable, be understood and able to be retained, to have a useful practical application and encourage the thirst for further knowledge.

The training programmes from Rob Newton are created using up-to-date, first-hand knowledge of the subject and are based on on-going scientific research. For more details on training modules please press here.